Erasmy Pompes Funèbres offers relief, comfort and support. « Our qualified staff provides individualized advice and spares no effort in organizing a beautiful and dignified funeral and ceremony that meets the client’s wishes and needs.

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The whole team at Erasmy Pompes Funèbres is committed to helping grieving families during this difficult time. We take care of all the paperwork, advise on all aspects of the funeral service and the form of burial, take care of decorations and, if desired, order floral decorations, funeral cards or even organize the after-funeral dinner at a restaurant of your choice. We can also help with the design or the obituary. By relieving the family of all these administrative tasks we allow them to fully concentrate and live their grief.



At Erasmy Pompes Funèbres, we know that after the loss of a loved one, relatives are often left alone with their grief and are struggling to find their way back to a new normal. Everyone has their own way of dealing with death. At Erasmy Pompes Funèbres, we are committed to assisting you in this struggle. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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A burial in the ground is the classic and the most common form of burial.

In an earth or ground burial, the human body is placed in a coffin which is then placed in a grave dug in the ground. This type of burial is still very common today, especially if there is a family grave where the body is added to and/or when the maintenance of the grave is guaranteed. With this form of burial you can choose whether to add your loved one to a family grave or to select a single or a row grave. There is also the possibility to choose an anonymous grave.

Burial in the ground as well as cremation can be carried out as ecclesiastical or secular burials.

If you would like more information, we are be happy to explain the different aspects of the various burial and grave types to you in a personal meeting or via phone.

For some time now, the so-called forest or tree burials have enjoyed great popularity.

In this type of burial, the deceased is first cremated and their ashes are then deposited or scattered in the root area of a tree. The tree absorbs the ashes as nutrients and thus becomes a symbol of the circle of life. The forest cemetery therefore offers the perfect resting place for people who are particularly close to nature. There are now several forest cemeteries in Luxembourg, including Cessange, Roullingen, Kayl, Bissen und Betzdorf.



More and more often, cremation is the first choice of burial.

In a cremation, the deceased is first placed in a coffin and is then cremated in a special cremation oven. The ashes are then placed in an urn and given to the funeral director. Burial in the ground as well as cremation can be carried out as ecclesiastical or secular burials.

The final resting place after cremation.

For urns, there are various burial options including urns row graves, family graves but also columbaria which have become more popular in the last 10 years.

Thus an urn can be buried in an urn grave – i.e in the ground.

A cremation also allows for more unusual forms of final resting places. Especially tree burials and ash scattering are in gaining popularity. Erasmy Pompes Funèbres can advise you on what is feasible and within your legal rights.



In a sea or river burial, the urn containing the ashes of the deceased is sent to a specialized sea burial shipping company.

In a sea burial, the ashes are put into a special sea burial urn made of dissolvable material. After a brief ceremony – the relatives can of course be present – the urn is lowered into the sea in a designated area outside of the three-mile zone.

A river burial is carried out in the same way than a sea burial. Only a few rivers abroad offer this service. Contact us if you want to learn more about which rivers are available.



Air burial means the scattering of the ashes of a deceased person from a hot air balloon, a helicopter or from an airplane.

This type of burial is currently not allowed in Luxembourg. If this is your desired form of burial, Erasmy Pompes Funébres is happy to organize it for you abroad. 




The loss of a loved one is a heavy burden and grief can be very difficult to cope with. An object linked to your loved one can help. It is a kind of lasting memory that you can carry with you at all times and that can give you strength.


One such memory object could be a diamond made from the ashes of your loved one. During the cremation, a very small portion of the ashes is taken away to a special laboratory where, under very high pressure, it is formed into a rough diamond. It is then cut and certified and given to the relatives to provide them with a very special keepsake.


The fingerprint of a loved one can be added to different jewelry objects such as necklaces, rings, bracelets. They become a unique keepsake for the bereaved.


A more subtle way is to choose a coffin from which you can remove several hearts that will serve as a personalized keepsake.

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The bereaved often regret not having had the opportunity to see the deceased one last time after death.

The open casket farewell allows the relatives to have a last encounter with the familiar person. Out of fear of having to look death in the face, many people forego this opportunity. A misconception, since today, modern and traditional methods make it possible to preserve a natural appearance of the deceased and allow for open storage. Even over a longer period of time. The relatives thus have the opportunity to give the deceased their full attention one last time.

Erasmy Pompes Funèbres is the first funeral home to offer open casket farewell in Luxembourg. Several employees have completed specialist training in the Verband Dienstleistender Thanatologen e.V., so that Erasmy Pompes Funèbres can meet the request for a funeral service in an open coffin.

Advantages of an open farewell

The latest findings from grief psychology underline the advantages of an open farewell: The focus of any coping with grief should be the conscious realization of the loss suffered.

For this reason, the open farewell can have a positive effect on the relatives during the painful process of coping with grief. They can have a precious moment to consciously say goodbye to the deceased, to understand and come to terms with their death. Today, families often live far away from each other and for this reason the bereaved have to plan a longer journey for the last farewell.

Careful basic hygienic care for the deceased, however, makes it possible to preserve the body of the deceased for a longer period of time. This allows the undertaker to respond to the deadlines and wishes of the mourners and to give them the opportunity to meet for the last time. The modern treatment methods are also important when the body of the deceased is marked due to an accident, violence or serious illness. The treatment makes it possible to restore the aesthetic, natural appearance of a disfigured dead person through special cosmetics and reconstruction so that the bereaved can bid him farewell with dignity.



In order to offer you a funeral service that meets the expectations of the bereaved and at the same time takes place in the interests of the deceased, we have a large selection of products and services in our range. In this way, we enable you to have a dignified and personal farewell.

The farewell ceremony is a significant moment in mourning.

The funeral ceremony, the burial and the decisions made during the organisation of the funeral represent an important step for many people in coming to terms with the loss they have experienced.

The choice of the cadre and the resting place of the burial should above all correspond to the will of the deceased and his family. All you have to do is tell us how you want the funeral to be carried out and we will take care of the rest.

The farewell to a deceased is a very intimate celebration for the family and all other relatives, marked by great sadness and pain – a ritual in which everyone can participate to express their memory of the deceased with dignity.

Whether secular or religious, we do our best to act in the interests of the deceased.

With our wide range of services, we leave nothing to be desired and we always strive to implement matters that are close to your heart and within your budget.

Our services include the selection of the florist, the music, the reception and a photographer – we are glad to assist you in any way we can, with discretion, respect, trust and professionalism, in Luxembourg-Hamm, Dudelange, Ettelbrück and soon also in Mersch.

The farewell ceremony is a significant moment in the mourning phase. The funeral, the burial and all its arrrangements represent an important step for many people in coping with the loss.

The choice of the atmosphere and the resting place of the burial should above all correspond to the will of the deceased and their family. Just let us know how the funeral should be carried out and we will take care of the rest.




The obituary is not only the announcement of a death, but also a personal form of saying goodbye and commemorating the deceased.

With the obituary, you can inform family members and friends about the death of a person and thus avoid the loneliness that often afflicts you in such a difficult time. We will help you write an obituary that meets your needs and that appropriately pays tribute to the deceased. We also make sure that the announcement appears in the media you have chosen.


In addition to the obituary, relatives can announce the death of their loved one with a memorial card. In order to choose the right words and to add something personal to inform about the death of a loved one, we are happy to advise you and suggest cards that can be adapted to any situation and religion.


During mourning, most people enjoy the support of their friends, families and loved ones. You don’t have to keep this gratitude to yourself, but rather convey it to the people who were there for you. As with the memorial cards, we can help you with the choice of words and the selection of the card.