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Pompes Funèbres

A gudden Hänn

Since several generations Erasmy Pompes Funèbres guarantees a funeral respecting the wishes of the deceased and those of their loved ones. Our bespoke, compassionate and dignified services cover all aspects of funeral organisation and assistance. Erasmy Pompes Funèbres offer a comprehensive range of services related to the passing away of a loved one.

Erasmy Pompes Funèbres will take care of all administrative procedures in Luxembourg, advise you on matters concerning the memorial service (burial and cremation), order your floral arrangements ormemorial cards and assist you with the drafting of an obituary. Erasmy Pompes Funèbres will arrange a professional, bespoke and respectful memorial.

Erasmy Pompes Funèbres offers a range of products and services that suits every need and budget, even if you have no funeral fund and are not a member of a friendly society. We offer discreet and professional advice in our dedicated offices in Luxembourg-Hamm and Ettelbruck. We offer a dedicated 24/7-service and you can contact us immediately after a loved one has passed away.